I am missing my own self today.
The me in me is lost somewhere between the dark woods of the past.
I still see a ray of light out there
but I am too afraid to follow the lead.
The shackles of my own deeds have made my feet heavy and numb
and I can no longer move out in the sun.
I seem to have made peace with my
own darkness and these demons have taken over my true self.
The self that I had loved for a long
and the self that I so badly adored.

From my debut book ‘…and you say you know her?’

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Be on your own

Be on your own,
ask someone else for nothing.
For when you get you complain;
when you do it yourself,
there is no one else to be blamed.
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Happy mother’s day!

I always have had high respect for the working woman. It’s because I have been raised by one. There is a different discipline in the way she manages her personal and professional lives. The way she juggles 5 things at a time. It’s marvelous. No matter how tiring the previous day was, she stands firm on her feet the next day catching the very first ray of the sun.

I have lost count of the number of times I wanted to give up. But I never can and I never will. I just need to look at her once and think that she must have had many of such weak moments but she never gave up and that made her the strong woman she is today. She is a source of every inspiration I will ever need.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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