Explorer 🚣

A face over a face
is what we come across these days.
Some truths, some lies
is the game that’s being played.
A smile on their faces,
hatred in their hearts,
it’s something that dawns upon us
as time is allowed to pass.
However clear the sea may be at the surface,
there are fathoms it holds beneath.
Try to peep down,
you sink in the blues;
Be cautious buddy,
I am an explorer.

🌸Poem from my book ‘and you say know her?’👩


Thousand stars

It wasn’t really me whom you met
like a passerby you had very little to take.
Still when they ask you about me
you echo your side of the truth.
I am like a thousand stars in the sky and
you merely saw the ones visible to your bare eye.

~Shweta Tale