Under the endless sea of thoughts, there are deep rooted volcanoes of emotions. It’s outrageous eruption gives birth to the island of imagination!


🌎 Don’t blow it, good planets are hard to find! Even if we find one, it won’t welcome us the same way as Earth did.

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Embrace me in your arms,

I shall follow with a smile.

You have given me my part of life

And am happy to have lived it worthwhile.

No worries, no regrets, no complaints

I am a satisfied man in the end.

Unconditional Love

When we look at our parents, we know love is unconditional.

When the cold wind blows off our worries, we feel love is unconditional.

When a passerby lends us a little help, we see love is unconditional.

When a bird travels miles in search of food and comes back to its nest to feed it’s newborn, we believe love is unconditional.

When a begger shares his stale chapati with a street dog, we understand love is unconditional.

Love is a form of care, faith, belief, trust and selflessness. Love is unconditional when it’s pure.


This was just a random answer I wrote on Quora and then sort of liked it myself. 🙂