Destiny vs Dream


Daddy’s girl

This one is dedicated to you dad:-

I was up in the air with a smile spread all across the face. Gravity pulled me down and I had landed in the world’s most reliable arms. Daddy’s little toddler was the happiest of all.

I loved running across the streets in your shoes. You held my hand and made me walk in those big ones. Daddy taught his girl to carry the weight with a smile.

I ran my life’s first race and won a gold. You shouted my name and jumped all over. Daddy never missed to make his girl proud of her achievements.

It rained heavily that day and I caught cold. You sang me to sleep and took my care. Daddy’s heart cried the most and he couldn’t sleep that night.

Your shoes have started biting me Daddy. Your shivering hands can’t clap for me anymore. The strong me breaks down seeing you weak and silent. No matter how many chapters life closes, I will always need your shoulders to rest my head and breathe.

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Goodbye 2017

 Each day brings you a new opportunity to be a better version of yourself. As you look back to the days that you have lived so far, make sure you see that you have progressed for good. 😇
Wishing you all a wonderful new year! 🎉 Hope you take the flight 🛫 of your dreams.🤠 

The journey

I praised my wings to have made a long flight; 
Crossing woods, oceans till they became out of sight. 

I stopped at a branch to rest for a while. 

Lured by comfort, 

I forgot that the destination isn’t mine. 

Days passed and so did months, 

I had no courage to move out in the drying sun. 

I began missing the blue skies and the free air. 

I soon realized my life wasn’t that, it was up there. 

But I had lost faith in my wings 

And wished that I get carried away by the blowing wind. 

Closed my eyes, took a deep breath and woke up; 

I had to trust my wings again before they finally broke up. 

Soon I was amongst the heavenly clouds, 

Rising higher and higher feeling so proud. 

With wings of ambition and a flight of dreams, 

Destination isn’t a matter anymore; it’s the journey of self-esteem.
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…and you say you know her?

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“…and you say you know her?” is a poetic represtation of the most common feelings that each girl goes through during different stages of her lifetime.

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It’s about that silly little girl with whom reality has played a harder part and made her strong like a rock. 

It’s about that delicate angel who makes a difference in the lives connected to her. 

It’s about the depth of love that flows with the ocean of her feelings.

It’s about that child that resides in the little corner of her matured body who struggles to mould herself as per what the society expects of her.

She may be a simple woman from the outside but is a thousand pieces of art from the inside. Do you really think you know her?

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